Notes in Cloud is a technology company that brings solutions to the challenges of commercialization and distribution of music content in the digital age. Our task is to respond to our customers needs by finding solutions and developing services for each segment of the music business (publishers, composers, recording companies, document collections, ensembles, orchestras, educational centers and on-line stores). Notes in Cloud combines an interdisciplinary team of the highest level. As we are convinced that it is not enough to have top computer programmers in order to give the best service possible to the music industry, our team includes experienced and dedicated music professionals: a composer and concert performer, a music publisher, an orchestral and choral conductor and a copyist all form part of team. This diversity in our make-up gives us the capacity to understand the needs and challenges in the music sector, and offer the services that our clients need. Notes in Cloud is comprised of our team of technicians working hand in hand with our five music publisher associates.