Our product is a platform that offers a series of services to our clients, and which opens specialized channels for sales and distribution of your products. In addition we provide a collaborative tool for publishers and composers to facilitate the edition of their musical works. To all of this we add our own interface programming application (API) that integrates and manages the different Open Source components of our platform. We offer the option to create applications and new funcionalities for commercializing the platform services as well as our clients’ products. We offer a central repository for publications, meeting recognized international standards for the search and classification of musical works. Our services are directed globally to the international publishing market, offering an efficient utilzation of ICT through the platform. In this way, our clients can be focused on the edition of a work without having to worry about the technology that is used.


Our platform is based upon bringing together a diversity of components to create a powerful tool for the management, distribution and warehousing of musical materials and publisher content.

  • Content administrator

Developed from CakePHP, our virtual administrator provides a simple and (at the same time) potent publications tool, along with a management system of metadata drawn from on-line sales.

  • Digital repository

Personalized integration of the universally used Fedora Commons digital repository to provide specialized communication between automated systems.

  • Interface programming

Implantation of an API Rest under 0Auth 2.0 authentification which meets standards of connectivity based on the latest technologies.

  • Identity provider

Putting into operation a distributed authentication system OpenID for the creation of an environment for the musical field.

  • Compiling of statistics

Use of software tools such as Piwik to offer our clients variables with which to measure the impact of their music on a given public.

  • Infrastructure

All of the previously mentioned characteristics are implanted in the Notes in Cloud platform in order to enable the highest return possible in an infrastructure of servers and services such as Apache Tomcat, Nginx, php-fastcgi, APC, Varnish, Nagios, etc.