Notes in Cloud offers its clients of the music industry a wide range of SOLUTIONS: edition, management, publication and digital distribution of musical content. We provide an integrated service to publishers, composers, recording companies, performers, musical ensembles, cultural institutions (archive and document storage), on-line stores, and app development, etc. We have the tools and the know-how to distribute on-line digital content for our clients in a secure manner. This results in efficient, fast and comfortable interactions for the end user. In order to provide these services, we have developed an on-line platform for the management, distribution and sale of digital music content. This platform includes a digital repository, which meets internationally recognized standards (Dublin Core). It is as easy as loading your digital content, filling out the corresponding form and deciding through which channels the content is to be distributed: 1) your web, your apps, etc, 2) our portals and specialized apps, or 3) third parties who are interested in commercializing your content.

Using the standard DUBLIN CORE. The repository meets the standards: ISO 15836 y NISO Z39.85-2007.


  • Content administrator

Developed from CakePHP, our virtual administrator provides a simple and (at the same time) potent publications tool, along with a management system of metadata drawn from on-line sales.

  • Digital repository

Personalized integration of the universally used Fedora Commons digital repository to provide specialized communication between automated systems.

  • Interface programming

Implantation of an API Rest under 0Auth 2.0 authentification which meets standards of connectivity based on the latest technologies.

  • Identity provider

Putting into operation a distributed authentication system OpenID for the creation of an environment for the musical field.

  • Compiling of statistics

Use of software tools such as Piwik to offer our clients variables with which to measure the impact of their music on a given public.

  • Infrastructure

All of the previously mentioned characteristics are implanted in the Notes in Cloud platform in order to enable the highest return possible in an infrastructure of servers and services such as Apache Tomcat, Nginx, php-fastcgi, APC, Varnish, Nagios, etc.


We have services and products for a large part of the music sector: publishers, composers, music ensembles and groups, document collections, developers, music education institutions, etc.


We provide an integrated solution for the digitalization, storage, cataloging and digital distribution of your published collections.


They will find the tools that permit them to store their works in the cloud with an efficient management system of back-ups and a whole world of options for the distribution and commercialization of their compositions.


We offer all that you need to make your archives and collections accessible on-line: from the actual digitalization process to their access and on-line commercialization.


Put your scores, books or audio recordings on sale in major worldwide stores through the use of our incorporation of digital content services.


We offer tailored services for your needs which range from written codification of your collections to on-line distribution of recordings and scores.


We offer an integrated solution for the digitalization, storage, cataloging and digital distribution of your collection, including streaming and other services.



The finest musical content of our clients is available for you to offer to your customers.



We provide your content and data through an API REST with which you are able to develop applications that you need.


Notes in Cloud offers a wide range of services for the development of your music business. If any of your needs are not answered from looking at our web, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the best solution for your specific needs.

  • Content Digitalization

Bring us a copy of your work (audio or score), and our technicians will digitalize it, returning to you the files needed for the digital distribution of these works.

  • Revision of content

We have on our team the people who can revise the contents so that the edition of the work that you make available through our platform is error and errata free.

  • Content cataloguing

Our technicians can do all the cataloguing and archiving work for you, loading your content into the repository jointly with your meta-data files into the CMS, in addition to storing the digital files in the repository (whether they are in audio or graphic format).

  • Incorporation of data

If you wish to commercialize your content through multiple channels of on-line sights, contract our data incorporation service to be able to put your audio, books or digital scores up on on-line stores.

  • Rent space in the repository

Notes in Cloud provides you with space in our digital repository for your musical files (or from any other format) with complete security in it’s daily use, and individual access for each client.

  • Web and app production

If what you propose is to allow access on a more personal level to your collections stored in our repository, our team can develop a web or app just for your needs, enabling you to provide your users and clients with the musical experience they are looking for.

  • Consultation

With the professional diversity of our excellent team of technicians, Notes in Cloud can offer you the soundest advice for your musical or technological needs.

  • Financing

It is possible that your digital project is an excellent one which qualifies for financing through the range of grants offered for initiatives of this type. Our technical team can advise on and even manage the application process.